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about constructive dialogue

Constructive Dialogue is a communications consultancy established specifically for the construction and building industries. Its specialism means that Constructive Dialogue is focused in a way that general agencies cannot emulate. It has in-depth knowledge and expertise of its clients’ business, target markets and the media that serves them. Specific industry cultural and commercial characteristics are understood. Potential opportunities are exploited.

A particular characteristic of the consultancy is its informed approach. PR and marketing initiatives and campaigns are based on thorough research. Awareness of issues beyond a client’s immediate business environment allows Constructive Dialogue to take a lateral and creative approach. Its specialism means that clients benefit from a strong network of industry contact and information sources.



Constructive Dialogue has developed a wide range of services aimed at helping clients communicate with their target audiences and so raise their business profile. The emphasis of all these services is the development and implementation of programs of action that are practical and cost effective.


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con+struc+tive /k n'strvktiv/
adj.1. serving to build or improve : tending to form a basis for ideas. 2. helpful, positive (a constructive approach). constructively adv. constructiveness n. [L1 contructivus (as construct)]

di.a+logue or US. (often) di.a+log /dai.log/ n.1. conversation between two or more people. 2. an exchange of opinions on a particular subject; discussion. [ME f. OF dialoge f. L dialogus f. Gk dialogos f. dialegomai convers]